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Your website should work as hard as you do


Today websites can be more than a calling card on the web. Businesses, Non-Profits, and Brands are all competing for attention in the digital age. A powerful yet beautiful website is the employee that works 24/7 and always gives you results you design it for. Your website should work by directing potential clients to contact you , sell your product, or gather donations for your cause. Let Tech WZRD be your guide in the digital world.


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Chris has made the Land Run 100 website a visually pleasing, functional experience for everyone who visits the site. The process was delightfully easy — we told him what we wanted, and he made it happen, even setting up commerce on the site.
— Sally Turner, Land Run 100

Chris Peters is my go-to person when it comes to all things website or digital tech related. He has built and maintained for the past 4 years and continues to make things possible for me through web development and the internet that otherwise I would not have done. Go check out the beautiful and simple site he put together for me and then schedule a meeting with him asap.
— Bobby Wintle, unlearnpavement
Chris helped me seamlessly change the system that I had been using for 8 years to one of better quality and one that is so much easier to use. I simply told him what I was looking for and he researched different options and came up with something that was perfect for my small business. He was there for me from start to finish, training me to use the new system with patience and grace. Chris has remarkable knowledge in this field, and I cannot recommend him high enough!
— Waleah Walker Norton, Red Earth Yoga Center

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