good little eater

Sarah Ramsay established good little eater in 2013. I've had the pleasure of enjoying Sarah's food for many years. There is no place like it in the region. Truly a hidden gem in Stillwater. As Sarah's business has grown so to were her needs to have a website that represented its uniqueness.

Sarah updates her lunch menu every month. She also has handmade desserts and casseroles that changes weekly. On top of that, she serves a Sunday Brunch every other week. You can see the need for a website that allowed her to update her menus easily and often.

Our goal with the website was to make it easy for visitors to quickly see what's on the menu, and when she is serving brunch. She also has built up a thriving email list that I wanted to help grow by integrating it into the website.

Analytics are going to be essential for the future of her business as she will now be able to see when customers visit her site after getting the email newsletter or a post on social media. She can then fine tune those marketing efforts to get more people hungry and lining up.

If you are in Stillwater, plan to stop in and have a bite to eat. Tell Sarah and her crew the Tech WZRD sent you.


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Denis the jeweler

Dennis Abernathy, also known as Denis the jeweler (ask him about the missing second N) is a second generation jeweler where the Abernathy's have been serving Stillwater since 1968.

His shop located at 10th & Main, Downtown is unique with its open jewelry repair room where you can watch the master goldsmith/platinumsmith work his magic on family heirlooms.

I've known Denis for a couple of years now. I've made him way too many Nitrochinos from the now defunct 1907 Meat Co. that was across the street from Denis' shop. He might have had a slight addiction.

Denis reached out to me and asked me to look at redesigning his business website. He knew I did computer stuff but didn't realize I made websites until the gracious Sally Turner of Land Run 100 referred him to me. He just wanted a new paint job but after consultation, and I learned his business needs, I put together a plan to move him from an outdated platform to Squarespace. His website required more than fresh paint; it needed a new architecture and framing.

The Squarespace platform will make it so much easier to refresh and update in the future. I believe in a 2-3 year cycle for website design refreshes. Sometimes those are color and fonts tweaks. Sometimes it's a new layout to highlight what's new in the business.

The ability to edit the content of the website from your iPhone is tearing down the wall of complexity for non-techie people. While I enjoy creating websites, I don't think you should need me to make simple changes. I know the next generation of business owners won't need me as this type of functionality is now expected of the digital tools they use.

However Denis the jeweler IS Stillwater's oldest family jeweler, so he'll require my services for a while ;)

Denis now has a website the represents the elegance and beauty of his products and service. More importantly, his site will achieve its goal of getting customers to find, contact, and visit him.

Having a functional website that serves your businesses needs is crucial. It's the one place on the web that you can completely control. Social media platforms will always be evolving and changing. Those changes can have severe effects on your business. Your website should be THE trusted source of information about your business. Its the one employee that works 24/7. Invest in that employee, and they will work even harder for you.

Visit and let me know what you think.


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